Visit a Swiss Farm with your group

Please note! As of January 1, 2023, our successors Simone de Coulon and David Gschwind will continue to run Neuhof as an open farm. Therefore, for dates and questions concerning the year 2023, please contact Simone de Coulon directly  at

It is possible to visit our farm with a group. You even can book a guided tour around our farm. 


As a privat group of more than 8 persons,  you always have to rent the "Holder-Rümli" (Elderberry - Roomlet)  But then privat tours are possible for CHF 60.-/ hour and we also offer donkey rides and Hornussen. These activities ares often booked for children`s birthday parties, but tours around the farm ore Hornussen are possible only for adults, too.


For other groups with children (schools, kindergartens etc) please chose one of those packages:


  • If you are not more than 15 people, no pre-registration necessary. Put Fr. 2.- / child and adult into the donate funnel.
  • Do not enter the "Holder-Rümli" with the children and do not use the playroom.
  • Read the playground rules

Kindergartens, School classes, Dormitories

1. Register in advance  using the contact form. We need:

  • age and number of children
  • possible dates
  • which of the following offers you wish
  • if there is a disabled person who has to be brought by car

2. Do not enter the "Holder-Rümli", do not use the playroom. Do not come during lunch time, except you booked a guided tour with lunch break.

3.  Read the playground rules

4. Buy a package:


Farm light:

2 hours on the farm                                                                                                   Fr. 50.-

You visit our farm on a morning or in the afternoon. The children can play on the playground and can have a picnic that they brought with them. This is possible in the barn in case of rain. With this offer it is not possible to stay during lunchtime. Please understand that people who live and work on the farm need theire recovery break.


Guided Tour by Christian Schürch: 

one hour                                                                                                                    Fr. 60.-

Christian has done this for several years and has lots of experience. The children get in contact with the animals. If you are interested in a special aspect of farm life, please tell us.


Guided Tour with picnic break :

2 hours                                                                                                                      Fr. 80.-

In addition to the tour you stay on the farm for another hour. You bring your own picnic with you and the children can use the playground. This is not during lunchtime.


Guided Tour with lunch break :

3 hours                                                                                                                    Fr. 100.-

You take your own lunch with you, the children can use the playground (2 hours) and you have a guided tour (1 hour) before or after lunch break (in case of rain in the barn).