Parking Lots on our Farm


No problem. There are parking spaces.


Tram No. 11 "Reinach Süd". It is about 200 m on foot then. No problem for wheel chairs.


You are allowed to bring material or disabled people to the farm if we are informed. But being pregnant or having a sprained ankle is not disabled!


It is possible to come by car if you want to buy some milk or eggs. But after that do not park your car "to let the children play quickly"!

You have rent the "Holder-Rümli" (Elderberry-Roomlet) for a party

There is one (1!) parking space reserved for you. So you can transport your material and guests  to the room, unload everything from the car and then you drive around the corner where the elderberry bush stands and park your car behind the building.

Where can you park your car?

You can see it on the map below. There are two possibilities:


Map and Parking Lots visitors of Neuhof Reinach





Orange: By car

Red: On foot. It is about 800 m from" Parkplatz Schulhaus Fiechten" (it has actually become the International School of Basel now) and about 500 m from "Parplatz Landi Aesch".