Party Room with big Playground and Playroom

Please note! As of January 1, 2023, our successors Simone de Coulon and David Gschwind will continue to run Neuhof as an open farm. Therefore, for dates and questions concerning the year 2023, please contact Simone de Coulon directly  at

Rent our "Holder-Rümli" (Elderberry - Roomlet) for childbirthdays, your own birthday, aperos, your club etc. The space can comfortably accommodate up to 36 People. It can also accommodate up to 45 People. But because of the two part form this is not for everyone. There is a fireplace and a simple kitchen with dishes, pans and so on.


Our roomlet is very suitable for children, because there is a big playground outside. But it is a farm! That`s why it is  dangerous to leave the children unattended. Tractors and other vehicles are used. Please supervise the children on the playground and on the trampoline.


Next to the Elderberry Roomlet there is a playroom for the evenings or in case it rains. It is included in the price of the roomlet, but is is not heated.


Previous Visit

You always can visit the room on your own, if the room is not occupied. (There is a calendar, when you scroll down). The playground is always open to everybody. During your party, the roomlet is only reserved for you. For questions we are always at your disposal. Please contact us by phone ore the form below. For a definite reservation you will have to fill in a form that is sent to you by mail after your enquiry.



Sustainability is very important to us. That is why we offer crockery and cutlery and ask you to dispose of the waste yourself.



We need the space in our courtyard for the playground and the farm. That`s why there is only one parking lot at your disposal. You drive around the elderberry bush and park your car right on the wall to the Elderberry Roomlet. You may send this link to your guests  Parking


You are visiting us. So please take to heart the absolute driving ban for your guests on the farm and the access roads! You are responsible for ensuring that your guests adhere to this strict rule, because it is a matter of consideration for the needs of the farm family and its employees and for the safety of the children playing in the courtyard.  People with disabilities or caterers are excluded. Your guests will therefore have to walk a few hundred meters if they wish to come by car. It is our concern that you are aware of this rule before you decide to rent our "Elderberry - Roomlet".


Your guests can use the parking spaces at the schoolhouse Fiechten (ISB) or the parking spaces of the Landi Aesch. The easiest way to reach our farm is by Tram no. 11 (200 meters asphalted footpath to the farm) or by bicycle.

Our Offers

We`ve got many visitors on our farm. That`s why prices depend on the number of persons that come to us. 10 or 15 people are a magic limit for us (see "Elderberry light").  From 16 persons you pay double the price. From more than 36 people the prize goes up again. 


In winter we need some electrical heating in addition to the fireplace. Therefore our "winterprices" are higher. One box of firewood for the fireplace is included.


The playroom is not heated, but of course the children are allowed to play in it. That`s how we live on a farm! As experience shows this has never been a problem for the children. Please, don`t bring your own heater!

Elderberry light

Summer          Fr. 100.-

Winter             Fr. 120.-

Up to 10 persons /  If it is a child`s birthday: Up to 15 persons  (children and

adults included)

  • only for mornings or afternoons (the room should be ready for the next group at 7 pm)
  • decorating or cooking in the morning is possible
  • crockery and the whole inventory is included. There is also a coffee machine at your disposal, beans are included (please bring your own cream and sugar!). Additonal coffee beans are in the fridge. Please do not bring your own ones.
  • the big table under the limes is reserved for you (there are 5 limetrees in the courtyard)
  • other tables and benches are at your disposal (you have to set up them yourself)
  • you don`t have to pay for the playground and the playroom
  • children are always under your supervision
  • you leave the rooms cleaned up and swept clean


Additional Offers after your Party


We wash the dishes for you         Fr. 20.-

We clean the room for you           Fr. 20.-

Elderberry normal

Summer            Fr. 200.-

Winter               Fr. 240.-


Up to 36 persons


In addition to Elderberry light we offer:

  • the room is at your disposal from 11 am till 12 pm
  • Please write on the form if you want to decorate the room and bring some food or drinks the day before (7 pm) and if you want to tidy up the room the day after. It depends on the other groups that use the room the day before or the day after.
  • We wash the dishes for you  Fr. 40.-   
  • We clean the room for you    Fr. 40.-                                               


Elderberry full

Summer           Fr. 300.-

Winter              Fr. 340.-

Up to 45 persons


Please come and have a look, if the room is suitable for your purpose!


There is crockery and cutlery for 36 people. Please tell us what you need in addition.


We wash the dishes for you     Fr. 80.-

We clean the room for you       Fr. 40.-



More Offers



Children`s birthday cake (old familiy recipe)  Fr. 50.-. Sheet cake consisting of a fat cacobiscuit. On one half there is a chocolate glaze on the other half a coconut mass. On top there are smarties. Without candles.



"Schwarzwäldertorte Neuhof"

Diameter 28 cm                                                       Fr. 60.-

Diameter 24 cm                                                       Fr. 50.-

Chocolate biscuit topped with much whipped cream and grated chocolate, according to your wishes with or without cherries, with or without kirsch (brandy). Without candles.


Rent for a freezer                                                                             Fr. 20.-

Rent for a simple grill with one crate of firewood included             Fr. 20.-



only in addition to the Elderberry Room


Guided tour around the farm                                                         Fr. 60.-

With the farmer. It lasts one hour. Children can get in touch with the animals. 


Donkey Ride: Half an hour with 3 - 5 Donkeys:  Fr. 75.- / 30 min,  Fr. 100.-/45 min  

  • Our  donkeys can carry children up to the weight of 30 kg. One of them can pull a carrage where an adult with a child can take a seat.  
  • Please contact Monique Kroepfli directly by email:


Hornussen: One hour                                                                    Fr. 60.-

It is a traditional Swiss sport that is mostly played in the Kanton Bern.

We offer an introduction for people from 7 to 99. Normally it is a team sport (18 men in one team). But on our farm you lern how to handle a special whip. You find an explanation here: Film on youtube


is in cash on the day of your party.

Charges of cancellation: Nothing till one month before your party. Then it is 50 %.


"Besetzt" means occupied. When it`s not occupied you are welcome to enter and have a look.  


Hinweis: Bitte die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder ausfüllen.