Playground in the courtyard

From 17 February 2022 we no longer have any covid requirements.  

The playground on our farm is actually private, but we invite all children and their parents to come and be our guests. We see it as a  part of public relation for agriculture. It is allowed to enter the stable and to watch the milking of the cows. (start 5:30 am and 4:30 pm). Please stay quiet near the animals and do not feed them.

There is a circuit, too, where you can see the minipigs, donkeys, ponies and hens. The path starts at the entrance to the farm opposite the tram. The whole farm is wheelchair - accessible, except for the toilets.

For Parents

Do you speak some German? Congratulations! Read our weekly blog about life and work on our farm and agricultur policy in Switzerland.


  • The farm is our main business. So be aware of tractors and other vehicles!
  • Each child is accompanied by an adult (and that includes teenagers, too), always. 
  • Adults please keep your children in view at all times.
  • In case of accidents we don`t assume any liability.
  • You stay near the trampoline when your child is there and please be aware of the 10 minutes rule: Jump 10 minutes, then take a break.
  • Children are not allowed to be in the "Holder-Rümli" ore in the playroom alone.
  • Do not enter the barn.
  • All litter must be taken home and not left on the farm: Dirty pampers, PET- bottles, cigarette ends....
  • Please show us your appreciation by cleaning your place in the "Holder-Rümli" and tyding up the toys and vehicles that your child has used. Pay for the toilet and the trampoline and leave us a donation in the donate funnel.

Groups of more than 8 Persons

are not allowed, unless they rent the "Holder-Rümli". Playgroupes, kindergartens, school classes and other groups with many children (more than 8 persons, children and adults included) see Groups