Direkt Marketing

Milk and Eggs from our farm                                                                            Tramstation Reinach Süd

Please keep your distance or wear a mask!

It is self-service, no change. One litre of raw milk is 1.50 Fr. After half a day you can skim off the cream.


One egg is 0.60 Fr.


Please pay with Swiss coins and do not pay with Euro. Euro and Cent and other currencies in coins are worthless for us. We can`t change them into CHF.


For milk you need your own container, to start a PET - bottle will do it. If you like the milk, you can buy a suitable container for milk in the Landi Aesch. Raw milk means that it is cooled down to 4° C within 2 hours after the milking. No other treatment. Our milk is tested regularly. Since taking over the farm in 1994 our family and our customers have been drinking our raw milk without any health issues. But although we`ve never had problems, we do not assume any liability should you become ill. Nature is always a risk, whether human, animal, plant or raw milk. So, if you want to be sure sure, please heat the milk up to 72°C for 30 sec at least.


You can visit our cows in the stable or you can see them on the meadow in summertime. Our hens are outside all day and you can visit them, when you walk along the circuit on our farm.