why we make our farm accessible

If you take the tram No. 11 from Basel main station, you arrive within 25 minutes at our tram station "Reinach Süd". Here the meadows and fields begin.  Our farm is the last one in Reinach and somehow we always felt slightly disconnected from the urban population. But then our sons brought their friends from town and step by step we began to open the farm for visitors and let them see how daily life works on a modern farm. We wanted to show the farm especially to children in our region, because there are many who don`t know much about farm life. Today there is a big playground in our courtyard, there are many animals and the children can watch the cows being milked. 


People who would like to be more informed about happenings on our farm and about the possibilities our farm offers to visitors, please visit our German-language website: There is a blog in German where the parents are informed about the current work and happenings on our farm. Sometimes there are events like thanksgiving , where we also sew wheat by hand together with our visitors https://www.neuhof-reinach.ch/saat-und-erntefest/ . Children can ride on our donkeys once a month or there are other events https://www.neuhof-reinach.ch/neuhof-anlässe/ 


We offer guided tours with Christian Schürch for kindergartens and school classes.  


You have the possibility to rent the "Holder-Rümli" (Elderberry-Roomlet)  for your party.


It sounds like a lot of fun, but actually our main business and our income is based on our farm with 70 hectares of fields, 50 cows and 900 hens.


We would really like to give people an understanding of what it means to live and work on a farm. So you are welcome to visit our farm during the day. Come with your friends, your family, your granddaughter or whoever, but please be aware, that you have to reserve the Elderberry Roomlet, if you are more than 8 persons or contact us if you want do come with kindergartens or school classes or other groups. Please find further information here: Playground and Groups